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WiLiMan-ID is a European project funded under Horizon Europe, the 9th framework programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union. WiLiMan-ID addresses the ecology of infectious disease transmission between animals, particularly wildlife, and humans through investigation of five major infectious animal diseases, namely, Avian Influenza, African Swine Fever, West Nile Virus, African Horse Sickness, and Chronic Wasting Disease. Its ultimate goal is to discover key drivers of disease dissemination and persistence in ever-changing environments, with a view to creating innovative tools and strategies to lessen the societal impact of infectious diseases.

All this is showcased in the project’s new video, titled “Battling Europe’s Most Dangerous Infectious Diseases”

The consortium of WiLiMan-ID  includes two research teams from UMR Virology, ZEN and BIOR, whose contributions concern West Nile Virus and African Horse Sickness, respectively.

WiliMan-ID Video published on Youtube


Modification date: 19 April 2024 | Publication date: 16 April 2024 | By: Jennifer Richardson