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The BIOR team – Biology of Orbiviruses – studies some Orbiviruses which are a major animal health concern. Among them are to be found the Bluetongue disease virus ("fièvre catarrhale ovine", FCO, in French), EDHV (epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus) and African horse sickness virus. Bluetongue and EDHV are not infectious towards humans: these diseases only affect domestic and wild ruminants.

Bluetongue, a regulated and notifiable disease listed under the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, is present in France and in Europe, whereas EHDV never occured in Europe but is present in North Africa. With the increase of international trade and the modification of the distribution area of vectors due to climate change, it is particularly important to monitor those viruses to help to control potential emergences and to limit economical losses.

The objectives of the team  are to study the interaction mechanisms between viruses, vectors and hosts, in order to develop diagnosis and preventive methods.

Our mission: to diagnostic a worldwide priority disease

As a National Reference Laboratory, BIOR has the mission to study Orbiviruses but also ensure their diagnosis. To that extent, the team manages a network of more than 60 regional laboratories

Our research axes:

The team conducts fundamental, as well as applied research projects. The two main research axes are:

  • Interaction studies between viral and cellular proteins through an interactomic approach to identify new virulence factors,
  • Study of the antiviral innate immunity and how the cell is able to counteract the virus at the cellular level at early times through the antiviral pathway. But also from a virus point a view, how it set up tools to defend itself by the use of proteins to hijack cellular defenses.

Our members :

Head: VITOUR Damien, CAIGNARD Grégory

Scientific Staff: ZIENTARA Stephan, BELBIS Guillaume, BREARD Emmanuel, SAILLEAU Corinne

Post-Doc: LEMESLE Marine

Technical Staff: FABLET Aurore, POSTIC Lydie, TURPAUD Mathilde

PhD Candidate: DUPRE Juliette, DUJARDIN Pascal

Modification date: 14 November 2023 | Publication date: 13 January 2021 | By: Sarah Cardoso